Muramasa: The Demon Blade Wiki

By equipping weapons, accessories, using consumable items, or eating food, the character can gain abilities associated with them. Abilities can provide several types of bonuses when battling enemies such as attack and defense boosts. Some abilities work outside of battle, such as auto-healing.

Abilities gained by equipping weapons are effective while the weapon is equipped, but they do not need to be the active weapon. Abilities gained by food are temporary and expire after a period of time or by losing a battle.

Abilities and Effects[]

Ability Effect Accessory Weapons
Absorb Life Absorbs 1% of enemy's life Cypress Rosary Mizutachi Muramasa, Ichimonji Norimune, Chizakura Muramasa, Mikazuki Munechika
Absorb Life II Absorbs 2% of enemy's life Cloisonne Rosary Dojigiri Yasutsuna
Absorb Soul Absorb 5% more Souls Crystal Magatama Ikumokami Naganori, Setsugekka Muramasa
Asceticism Max Life Flame stays the same but XP increases by 10% Ghoulish Seal
Asceticism II Max Life Flame stays the same but XP increases by 20% Shura Seal
Auto Recover Regularly restores 1% of Life Flame Yamato Miracle Drug Kogarasumaru, Nukehishaku Muramasa, Tsukiotoshi
Auto Recover II Regularly restores 2% Life Flame Toyama Miracle Drug
Boost Attack Boosts enemy damage by 5% Clove Oil Edauchi Muramasa, Reimei Muramasa, Botan Muramasa, Onikiri, Oka Muramasa, Amatsu Muramasa, Tokiwatari Muramasa
Collect Blades Collect more Blades to increase Attack Power Swordsmith Mallet
Collect Money Collect more Money to increase Attack Power Merchant's Abacus
Collect Souls Collect more Souls to increase Attack Power Sacred Tree Tablet
Collect Spirit Collect more Spirit to increase Attack Power Imari Platter Kyoshu Muramasa
Death Blade Gives a small chance to perform a quick kill Wolfsbane Poison Amagiri Muramasa, Death Blade, Death Blade
Death Blade II Gives a good chance to perform a quick kill Iwami Poison Kagotsuruhe Muramasa
Enemy Trap Slightly increases enemy encounters Clapper
Enemy Trap II Greatly increases enemy encounters A Pair of Clappers
Fix Power Sets Attack Power at 700 regardless of blade type

Note: Does not seem to affect Secret Arts.

Nio Bracelet
Income Boost Yields 10% more money Lucky Mallet Yunagi Muramasa, Tasogare Muramasa, Iwatoshi Muramasa, Umitsubame Muramasa
Iron Wall Reduce Enemy Damage by 10 Kusarikatabira Hayate Muramasa, Hiten Muramasa
Item Boost Greatly boosts the chance to obtain items Straw Stalk Tsukuyomi Muramasa
Mad Tummy Fullness Gauge decreases rapidly Hungry Devil Saucer Kagero Muramasa, Tsubamegaeshi Muramasa, Getsuei Muramasa
Mad Tummy II Fullness Gauge decreases more rapidly Chowhound Saucer Kamikaze Muramasa
Ninja Feet Slightly reduces enemy encounters Ninja Socks
Ninja Feet II Greatly reduces enemy encounters Ninja Socks II
No Burning Prevents Burning Status Hinezumi Dress Kashagiri Hiromitsu
No Poison Prevents Poisoned Status Suiko Scale Kuchinawa Muramasa
Quick Draw I Boosts Attack Power by 10% Swashbuckler's Sheath Asaarashi Muramasa, Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, Kasai Muramasa, Mugen Muramasa
Save Soul Use Secret Arts without losing any Soul Power Narukami Bracelet
Soul Power I Boosts Soul Power recovery after absorbing souls Ise Charm Osafune Kanemitsu, Kagetsu Muramasa, Hiei Muramasa, Otenta Mitsuyo
Soul Power II Greatly boosts Soul Power recovery after absorbing souls Izumo Charm
Stop All Prevents any changes to your Status Dragon Necklace Okanehira
Stop All 50% 50% chance to prevent changes to your Status Oni Necklace Seika Muramasa, Onimaru Kunitsuna
Super Draw Reduces the time needed to perform quick draw Swordmaster's Sheeth Suisei Muramasa
XP Boost Increases XP by 5% Master's Handbook Kazanami Muramasa, Maidori Muramasa, Byakko Muramasa