Muramasa: The Demon Blade Wiki

Screenshot of Equipment menu. Player can select and equip three Demon Blades and an Accessory.

Accessories are special items that your character can equip. Some are bought from merchants, others are found by re-battling bosses and completing Caves of Evil. Some can only be found after being able to break white barriers, which is after completing Momohime and Kisuke's Final Acts (referred to below as post-game), and fighting their old enemy bosses again.

Accessories give different types of bonuses, the most common ones give bonuses to strength and vitality.

This is the list of accessories known so far.

Name Effect Kisuke Momohime
A Pair of Clappers Enemy Trap II Ise Province Peddler
Chowhound Saucer Mad Tummy
Cloisonne Rosary Absorb Life II
Clove Oil Boost Attack Mikawa Province Peddler Shinano Province Peddler
Crystal Magatama Absorb Soul Omi Province Peddler Mino Province Peddler
Cypress Rosary Absorb Life Owari Province Defeat God of Pestilence(Orange Lair)
Demon God Belt Vitality +7 Musashi Province treasure Yamato Province treasure
Demon God Gauntlet Strength +7 Musashi Province Peddler Yamato Province Peddler
Demon God Mask Strength/Vitality +5 Yamato Province
Dragon God Belt Vitality +10 Defeat Torahime at Mino post-game.
Dragon God Bracelet Strength +10 Defeat Yukinojo at Suruga after completing Momohime's Final Act.
Dragon God Mask Strength/Vitality +7
Dragon Necklace Stop All
Fox Spirit Belt Minor Vitality Bonus Mino Province Peddler Suruga Province Peddler
Fox Spirit Gauntlet Strength +2
Ghoulish Seal Asceticism Shinano Province Peddler Yamashiro Province Peddler
Hinezumi Dress Stop All Musashi Province, down a well just a screen left of the red Enemy Lair.
Hungry Devil Saucer Mad Tummy
Imari Platter Collect Spirit
Ise Charm Soul Power I
Iwami Poison Death Blade II Defeat Kisuke's enemy boss in Shinano post-game.
Izumo Charm Soul Power II Defeat Momohime's boss at Hida post-game.
Jade Magatama Absorb Soul II
Kasarikatabira Iron Wall Musashi red enemy lair.
Lucky Mallet Income Boost Totomi yellow lair.
Master's Handbook XP Boost
Merchant's Abacus Collect Money
Narukami Bracelet Save Soul
Ninja Belt Tiny Vitality Bonus Yamashiro Province Peddler Sagami Province Peddler
Ninja Gauntlet Strength +1
Ninja Socks Ninja Feet
Ninja Socks II Ninja Feet II
Nio Bracelet Fix Power Suruga Province White Barrier
Oni Necklace Stop All 50%
Sacred Tree Tablet Collect Souls
Shura Belt Vitality +5
Shura Gauntlet Moderate Strength Bonus Shinano Province Peddler Yamashiro Province Pedler
Shura Mask Strength/Vitality +3
Shura Seal Asceticism II
Straw Stalk Item Boost Mino Province Peddler Suruga Province Peddler
Suiko Scale No Poison
Swashbuckler's Sheath Quick Draw I Ise Province Peddler Musashi Province Peddler
Swordmaster's Sheath Super Draw Suruga Province Peddler Ise Province Peddler
Swordsmith Mallet Collect Blades Musashi Province Peddler Yamato Province Peddler
Tengu Belt Vitality +3
Tengu Mask Strength/Vitality +1 Suruga Province treasure
Toyama Miracle Drug Auto Recover II
Utsusemi Belt Medium Vitality Bonus Omi Province Peddler Mino Province Peddler
Utsusemi Gauntlet Strength +4 Received from Momohime's 5th boss stage in a room just below the left side of the suspended bridge
Wolfsbane Poison Death Blade Hida blue lair
Yamato Miracle Drug Auto Recover
Yata Belt High Vitality Bonus Suruga Province Peddler Ise Province Peddler
Yata Gauntlet Strength +6 Suruga Province

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