After battle, bonus reward points are awarded for achievements during battle. The points awarded for each achievement is based on the user's level. 


The points in this table are based on Level 20; at Level 19, First Thrust Victory is worth 9 points.

Name Points Conditions
First Thrust Victory 10 Exact details unknown, related to getting the first strike on an opponent in battle (that alone is not enough).
Quick Draw Finish 25 Defeat an enemy using a Quick Draw (when changing blades).
Fortune Strike 20 ?
Quick Win 30 Finish entire battle in 19 seconds or less.
Repelled Attacks 15 Injure an enemy by deflecting their projectile attack.
Completely Unscathed 25 Finish entire battle without taking any damage.
Extended Battle 30 Finish a time-consuming battle (over 2 minutes?).
Boss Slayer Varies Defeat a boss.
Wealthy Discovery 30 Details unknown, but can be achieved when fighting many Poison Moths, earning 90 mon.
Slashing Combo Spree 40 Perform a combo of at least 100 hits.
Remaining Counter 8 (lv. 22) Finish battle, but KO'd due to a remaining danger such as an explosion.
Persistent Fighter 10 (lv. 26) Defeat enemies while burning, without healing.
Returning Conqueror 16 Finish battle after losing a lot of health to near death.
Monstrous Appetite 12 Eat a lot during battle, such as 7 mandarins.
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