Muramasa: The Demon Blade Wiki

Only a complete fool willingly wanders into Hell. I am the one in charge here, personally chosen by Lord Enma.

–Boss Demon, Act 6 Muramasa Rebirth

The Boss of Act 6 in Momohime's story.


Jinkuro and the group make their way through hell for the Dark Resurrection Sword, but Momohime gets so frightened, she forces Jinkuro out of her body which causes his soul to be eaten by the Big Oni. Momohime then devises a plan to save Jinkuro by offering herself as a meal for the Big Oni. She tells him to eat her whole so that her body is still intact for Jinkuro to posses again. After that, Jinkuro, in Momohime's body, fights the Big Oni. However, once the Big Oni was defeated, Jinkuro is told that they do not have the sword. It turns out that when the Big Oni searched for the sword at Narukami Castle, there was no sign of it, causing him to be pissed.