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! scope="col" | [[File:placeholder|200px|link=Attack of the Crows]]
! scope="col" | [[File:placeholder|200px|link=Attack of the Crows]]
! scope="col" | [[File:placeholder|200px|link=Akugoro Fugaku]]
! scope="col" | [[File:placeholder|200px|link=Akugoro Fugaku]]
! scope="col" | [[File:placeholder|200px|link=Mamedayu Hatono]]]
! scope="col" | [[File:placeholder|200px|link=Mamedayu Hatono]]
| style="text-align:center;;" |[[Attack of the Crows]]
| style="text-align:center;;" |[[Attack of the Crows]]

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Bosses are unique enemies fought at the end of Acts. Sometimes they will appear in Caves of Evil as well. There are unique bosses for Momohime and Kisuke to fight. However, once the player completes Momohime and Kisuke's first endings, they will be able to fight the bosses of the opposite character.

For DLC characters, they each have 3 unique bosses. Once the first ending is completed, the characters will have access to all of the Caves of Evil and Momohime and Kisuke's bosses.

Bosses Edit

Momohime's: Edit

Bm2 Wanyudou Yag2
Blue Monk Wanyuudo Yagyuu Yukinojo
Ippon2 Chim2 Bo2
Ippondatara Chimera Big Oni
Raijin Fudo-Myoou Kisuke (2nd Ending) [1]

Kisuke's: Edit

Kurozaru3 Cent2 Tora
Kurozaru Giant Centipede Torahime
Sayo2 Tsuchigumo3 Bishamon3
Sayo Tsuchigumo Chigurui Bishamon
Ryuujin3 Inugami Momo
Dragon God Inugami Tokugawa Tsunayoshi Momohime (2nd Ending)[2]

DLC Bosses Edit

Okoi's: Edit

The Two Assassins Haunted Mansion Shinzaemon Shigematsu

Gonbe's: Edit

Attack of the Crows Akugoro Fugaku Mamedayu Hatono

Arashimaru's: Edit

Shiranui Aburada Kaburata & Shiomaki Gashadokuro

Rajyaki's: Edit

Moon Bear Mountain Witch Jorogumo


  1. Must carry Descent into Misery and Threads of Fate
  2. Must carry Descent into Misery and Threads of Fate
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