Muramasa: The Demon Blade Wiki

The Boss of Act 5 in Momohime's Story.


Continuing on with his quest, Jinkuro finds his way to the Narukami castle for his Dark Ressurection blade. His infiltration in the castle angers Shikami Danjo because Rankai tells the magistrate was being targeted for assassination by Momohime's imposter. Challenging Shikami Danjo to reveal all his cards, Jinkuro fights Chimera. Once Jinkuro defeated Chimera, he suggests that Shikami Danjo should give up and confess to his evil deeds. With the help of the Chimera, Shikami Danjo, hid his crimes from the naked eye. However, with it gone, Shikami is bound to be beheaded by the shogun. Before this happens, Jinkuro asks for his blade, but Shikami says the storehouse it was in was struck by lightning and everything was reduced to ashes. Jinkuro and the group then head to hell for his blade.