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Consumables are items that can be eaten or used by the player's character. Eaten consumables, or food, restore health and give Spirit. Tablets/Pellets also restore health, but only give ten Spirit.

Both give Spirit, a necessary component to forging new weapons.

Then, there are the Supplies. These are items that, when used, will do special things for the character.

All can be bought from merchants or found as treasures. You may carry a maximum of 9 of any consumable at one time.

Normally, you can access your items from your menu, but there's also the Item Shortcut, which allows you have 5 different items equipped. You can use them in combat or while traveling without having to access the menu. Any item, save cooking supplies can be placed in the Item Shortcut section.


When your character eats something, they start to become full. This term is referred to as Fullness. Cooked food that the character can eat always has one-hundred percent Fullness, regardless of how much Life Flame they recover.

Here is a list of food, how much Life Flame they recover, how much Spirit they give, and how much Fullness they have.

Name Life Flame Spirit Cooked? Fullness
Bamboo Flask 80 250 No 50%
Amazake 100 300 No 50%
Liquor 200 450 No 50%
Rice Ball 300 600 Yes 100%
Sake Libation 300 600 No 80%
Doburoku 400 800 No 80%
Persimmon 600 1,000 No 80%
Sweet Potato 600 900 Yes 100%
Mandarin 1,000 450 No 80%
Roasted Fish 1,200 1,6000 Yes 100%
Peach 2,000 2,000 No 80%
Roasted Squid 2,500 2,000 Yes 100%

Pellets/Tablets/Status Recovery

All pellets and tablets can used at any time when you are damaged. All of them also yield 10 Spirit. Also, there are items that recover certain status effects.

Name Life Flame/Effect
Healing Pellet 50
Recovery Pellet 70
Bear Pellet 100
Tiger Pellet 150
Dragon Pellet 200
Sage Pellet 300
Trillium Tablet 500
Spirit Tablet 1,000
Fire Charm Heals Burning Status
Herbal Remedy Heals Poisoned Status
Toad Oil Heals Status completely


Supplies are special items that can only be used in certain circumstances. These are sold by merchants or found as treasures.

Name Effect
Bronze Mirror Returns you to last Shrine you visited.[1]
Smoke Bomb Escape from non-boss battles.
Omura Stone Restores 50% soul power to your currently equipped blade.
Iyo Stone Restores all soul power to your currently equipped blade.
Igarashi Stone Restores 50% soul power to all three blades.
Jyokenji Stone Restores all soul power to all three blades.
Kumori Stone Temporarily stops Soul Power from decreasing.


  1. This does not count save points in front of boss arches.
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