Muramasa: The Demon Blade Wiki

Momohime standing beside the monkey

In some province locations, the player may meet a monkey. Interacting with the monkey will take the player to a hot spring bath (onsen) in the mountains. Monkey locations are denoted by the  ♨ symbol on the map, which is the standard symbol used to represent onsen.

Life Flame and Soul Power are completely recovered after leaving the hot spring.


Kisuke and Momohime will meet others at the hot springs in different chapters. This can only happen once per chapter. If they visit the hot spring again during that chapter, the other person will not be there.

No else appears in the hot springs after each character's final act.


Kisuke can meet Momohime in more than one chapter.


When Momohime enters the bath, Jinkuro will yield control of her body to let her enjoy the bath. She can meet Kisuke in more than one chapter. She can also meet Kongiku.