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The stench of humans! The disgusting stench of humans! It's the stink of a young girl, as well! I will trample and eat anyone who dares to cross these mountains!

–Ippondatara, Act 4 Muramasa: Rebirth

The Boss of Act 4 in Momohime's Story.


On the quest to find Jinkuro's Dark Resurrection Sword, the group passes through Hida to get to Mino. However, on the way, he stumbles upon Ippondatara, and they fight. After Jinkuro defeats Ippondatara, it is revealed that he is actually a boar named Izasaou. He used to live on Mount Obaga in Yoshino, but was chased off by monks for attacking the villagers. He takes on a monstrous form to scare away a miraculous hot spring to keep all to himself. Momohime suggests that he should come to the hot springs during the evening to avoid being seen and he obliges.