Kongiku is, like Yuzuruha, a Kitsune (fox deity) serving under Inari. She shows affection towards Jinkuro at times expressing by showing jealousy towards Momohime. He, however, sees her as a tool to achieve his own goals. She acts as the main support character in Momohime's quest and can be found at any Inari shrine, that serve as save points. It is Kongiku that gives Jinkuro and Momohime a mask containing Senji Muramasa's spirit. This granted them the ability to forge demon blades. She steals the mask from her fellow Kitsune, which is a big risk she takes to support Jinkuro.

Relationship with JinkuroEdit

As stated above, Kongiku seems to have feelings for her master. She is very jealous of Momohime, and at one point, threatens to destroy her soul.

Also, she asks Jinkuro if they should seal up Momohime's soul after Act 3 (Chapter 3 in the Vita version).

Kongiku gives Jinkuro advice the best she can. Unfortunately, she sometimes rambles, which causes him to become upset.

Relationship with MomohimeEdit

As stated above, Kongiku dislikes Momohime; at least to a point. She is jealous of Jinkuro's affections toward the princess at first. However, as the game progresses, she becomes Momohime's friend, which is shown in her second ending.

Relationship with YuzuruhaEdit


In the first ending she is seen grieving the loss of Jinkuro after he sacrificed himself to save Momohime. It is unclear what she does afterwards, but it seems likely that she aids Momohime to atone for Jinkuro's sins.

In the second ending Yuzuruha finds about about her theft of the Muramasa mask and punishes her by turning her back into a regular fox. After this Kongiku, now unable to talk or take on human form, joins Momohime, who has lost her memory and taken on the name Oboro, in her quest to remember her past.

In the third ending Kongiku takes on the name 'Kiku' and becomes Momohime's personal maid.