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"I wander this land in regret" - Oboroya Senjyu to Kisuke

Oboroya Senjyu

Ghost of Oboroya Senjyu talking to Kisuke

Oboroya Senjyu was one of Izuna Jinkuro's late teachers. Senjyu was murdered, but his spirit remained. When he encountered Kisuke, he used a Spirit Fusion to save the boy's life.


Oboroya Senjyu was killed by Jinkuro, who was one of his pupils at the time. Jinkuro sought to kill any who knew the Oboro Style in order to claim it for himself. Fortunately, Senjyu's spirit remained after death, in which he was able to assist mortals. Senjyu's spirit learns the Spirit Fusion Secret Art in Yomi(Also known as the Demon World).

Relationship with KisukeEdit

When he recovers his memory, Kisuke sees himself at the point of death. Then Oboroya Senjyu's spirit appears to him. He offers Kisuke a Spirit Fusion between himself and the boy. Kisuke agrees, and is fused, losing his memory in the process.


  • Jinkuro also uses a Spirit Fusion to save Momohime's life at the end of her second story. Interestingly enough, she also loses her memory.