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The Oboro style is powerful enough to strike down a monstrosity such as Wanyuudo? My hatred for you burns even hotter and brighter than before, Jinkuro Izuna.

–Rankai, Act 2 Muramasa: Rebirth

Rankai (乱戒 らんかい, Rankai), an evil monk, chases after Momohime who has a deep-seated grudge against Jinkuro. Before his baptism, he was a swordsman named Kogorota Buaku, called by many the "Lion of Owari". However, he was crippled in a fight with Jinkuro before he took over Momohime's body.

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In Momohime's first ending, upon seeing Fudo-Myoou, Rankai changes his ways and becomes a traveling monk, accompanying Momohime, to atone for his sins.

Rankai is also seen in Okoi's first ending when he visits a shrine where the powerless Miike now resides.