Muramasa: The Demon Blade Wiki

Some provinces feature locations where the player can enter and purchase prepared food to eat. The player selects a dish from a menu, which starts an animated sequence in first-person perspective. Each time the player presses the action button, the amount of food is visibly reduced by one bite, and Kisuke or Momohime will say a remark showing that they enjoy it.

The player can consume as much food as desired while at a restaurant, disregarding the fullness gauge. Upon exit, the fullness gauge will be active, but will reduce more quickly than normal.

Not all provinces have restaurants, but they can at most have one.

Tea Houses[]

There are at least two different tea house menus in the game. Tea houses serve sweet treats.

Menu 1[]

This menu is available in Mikawa, Suruga, and some other provinces

Name Price
Three Dumplings (Hanami Dango) 10
Kusamochi 20
Mizu-Yokan 30

Menu 2[]

This menu is available in Yamato and some others.

Name Price
Mizu-Manjyu 10
Daifukumochi 20
Warabimochi 30

Soba Shop[]

Soba shops serve meals.

Menu 1[]

This menu is available in Sagami, Suruga, and more.

Name Price
Steamed White Rice 8
Kitsune Udon 16
Herring Soba 24
Tempura Udon 32