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Finally, the blade that I have strived so long for has come to be! The strings that tie together a man's fate cannot be severed by even the sharpest sword. But with this sword, whose power rivals that of gods themselves, a single stroke is enough to slay karma and destroy fate. Behold, the Oboro Muramasa.

–Muramasa, Forging the final blade, Muramasa: Rebirth

Senji Muramasa (千子村正 せんじ むらまさ, Senji Muramasa) was the legendary swordsmith of the Muromachi period widely known for his powerful blades. Even after death, his soul is obsessed with forging the ultimate sword, Oboro Muramasa. Unfortunately, these blades were cursed with their master's madness, enticing a great bloodlust in those who held them. He is also technically one of the protagonists, making 5.


It is said that a Muramasa can cut through anything. However, it cannot be sheathed until it has drawn blood, be it the enemies' or its wielders'. Only those who utilize the Oboro style can wield these powerful blades without becoming thralls to their will.

Muramasa was condemned to craft blades eternally as punishment for the creation of these foul blades.

During the game, the player can have him forge powerful Demon Blades by utilizing the souls of enemies, as well as the player's spirit (collected by eating food).

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After smithing the ultimate sword, Oboro Muramasa, in Momohime and Kisuke's final endings, both Jinkuro and Kisuke get transported back in time to change their fates.