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What is this nonsense you're spouting?! Your accusations against me are nothing but lies. What are you idiots waiting for?! Kill her! KILL HER!

–Shikami Danjo, Act 5 Muramasa: Rebirth

Shikami Danjo (顰弾正 しかみだんじょう, Shikami Danjo) is a servant to the Shogun and a traitor to Momohime's family. He was in charge of the political plot against her family, which led to the death of Momohime's father and sister. Shikami is discovered by Jinkuro, possessing Momohime's body, in Momohime's story, and challenges him to a fight.


He conspired with Yukinojo to gain control of Narukami Province, but believes that the Kagami family, Momohime's family, brought this upon themselves by disobeying the shogun. Momohime wants him killed for betraying her family but, Jinkuro spares Shikami's life, saying that it is not worth killing him because he is as good as dead since he no longer has his Chimera protecting him. If Momohime wants him dead, then she must assist Jinkuro in order to have her body back to kill Shikami herself.

However, when Momohime and Jinkuro are in hell, they discover that Shikami had been executed by the Shogun because of the crimes he committed.

Shikami's Powers[]

Shikami has the internal powers of a demon—called a Chimera. He unleashes this power when fighting Jinkuro, but even so, he fails to defeat him.


  • Jinkuro, upon finding Shikami in Hell says, 'This will make Momohime happy.' Jinkuro's feelings for Momohime have grown to the point where he is doing selfless acts for her.