Torahime is the princess of the  Mino Province and the older sister of Momohime. She is a fiery warrior that wishes to fight in her father's honor. Her steed, Zenhagetsu, is her best friend. She is in charge of protecting the demon blade that was used to seal Inugami.

After she was killed in a political plot and the sword was stolen, Torahime is granted 49 days of life in order to find the blade. She searches without fear for the blade in order to fulfill that which she swore to do.

Relationship with KisukeEdit

Due to Kisuke's unwavering love for her, Torahime generally returns his affections. Despite the fact that they fight at one point, Torahime always finds herself either being rescued by Kisuke or at his side.

Torahime appears at the hot springs in Kisuke's final act, saying she followed him and the springs felt like a dream.

Relationship with MomohimeEdit

Not much is shown about Torahime's relationship with Momohime. In fact, the only time any relationship between Momohime and Torahime is shown is in Kisuke's story. Not even in Momohime's story does Torahime appear once.

However, in Kisuke's second ending, Torahime watches over the body of her sister after Jinkuro is destroyed by Kisuke. Even so, Torahime's time with Momohime is short as she dies shortly after.


  • "Tora" translates to tiger, while "hime" translates to princess.
  • Torahime serves as Kisuke's third boss in the game.