Muramasa: The Demon Blade Wiki

The Kuromitsu (Dark Resurrection) blade is one of the many swords forged by Senji Muramasa, serving as Jinkuro's signature weapon. It's a jet-black katana forged from cursed metal mined in the depths of Hell, which exudes a black aura when in hell and wraps the blade in purple spectral flames when drawn. Like many of the other Muramasa-forged blades, the Kuromitsu has a Special Art. Namely, the Soul Transfer, which lets its wielder take over its victim's body.

Jinkuro initially uses this blade to try and take over Yukinojo's body. However, during the struggle, he instead ended up possessing the body of Yukinojyo's fiancee, Momohime, who was trying to protect him. With the sword lost, Jinkuro and Momohime spend much of their story trying to reclaim the blade. At one point, the two head to Hell in search of the Kuromitsu, only to fail in finding it.


First ending of Momohime's route:

  • In truth, Yukinojo had recovered the blade after his initial struggle with Jinkuro. However, it gets confiscated by Kongara Doji and Seitaka Doji, the subordinates of Fudo-Myoou, who proclaim that Jinkuro is too wicked to wield such a weapon.

Third ending of Momohime's route:

  • By using the Oboro Muramasa, Jinkuro is sent back in time to the night where he attacked Yukinojo, reclaiming possesion of the Kuromitsu. Deciding to wait until Yukinojo is alone to attack, he successfully uses the Soul Transfer technique on him.