Oboro Muramasa (Sword)

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Kisuke wielding Oboro Muramasa.png

Finally, the blade that I have strived so long for has come to be! The strings that tie together a man's fate cannot be severed by even the sharpest sword. But with this sword, whose power rivals that of gods themselves, a single stroke is enough to slay karma and destroy fate. Behold, the Oboro Muramasa.Muramasa

The Oboro Muramasa is the final sword obtained by Kisuke and Momohime. The sword itself appears rather unassuming, with its normal-looking blade, red tsuba, and yellow-wrapped hilt. However, even after death, Senji Muramasa's soul is obsessed with forging this ultimate sword, which cuts fate. After smithing this final weapon, both Jinkuro and Kisuke get transported back in time to change their fates, resulting in Momohime and Kisuke's final endings.

Name (Wii) Name (Vita) Attack Requirements (Strength, Vitality) Secret Art Ability/Effect Notes
Blade.png Oboro Muramasa 757 222 , 225 Disturbance Strength/Vitality +7
Name (Wii) Name (Vita) Image Description
Disturbance Pandemonium
The player readies their sword while countless images throw spinning disks and occasional homing disk out randomly. then jumps high into air unleashes a powerful slash upon landing that sends wind blade forward off screen.
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